Hey there~ I’m a UX designer and teaching artist living and working in Brooklyn.


My job is to create easy-to-use digital experiences.

I balance out business needs, user needs, and technology capabilities by collaborating, researching, sketching, wire-framing, and prototyping experiences.

With experience working in UX for start-ups, I am always looking for new challenges and constantly seek opportunities to learn.


Before UX

I worked as a studio assistant to Tanya Aguiniga in Los Angeles and Fredericks and Mae in Brooklyn.

After a couple years living and working abroad in Thailand, China, and South Korea; I returned to the US and spent years dedicated to the arts education of youth in Brooklyn, NY. 

I still occasionally teach for Bric Arts Media, a non-profit in Brooklyn, NY and the Textile Arts Center.

In Addition to UX

I make things for the people I love, go to service design meet-ups, and ask strangers on the street if I can pet their dog.