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Spacious Technologies

Locations Detail Page

Update to the UI of the detailed location pages.

  • My Role: Visual design lead by the director of product, Breakpoints for Desktop-Mobile, and Testing

  • Designed additional Icons for the amenities

  • Design various concepts, define and breaking the final design into incremental chunks for the engineering team


Spacious Technologies

Host App

Update to the In-house check-in application used by operations.

  • My Role: Product Owner in charge of UX research, Testing, Prioritized Feature Pushes, and Updated UI

  • Partnered closely with customer experience, dev, and operations

  • Created personas on the host users which also helped operations understand their employee turnaround.


Spacious Technologies


Updates to the website

  • My Role: UX research, Information Architecture, Wireframing,

    Prototyping, Testing, UX/UI

  • Research on the sign-up flow

  • Adding a bundle option for day passes

  • Introducing a Teams Feature

  • Re-design of the signed in dashboard

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Case study


While a student at Pratt Institute, we were given a prompt and 6 weeks to complete a travel app.

  • My Role: UX research, UI, Wire-framing, Prototyping, Testing

  • Developed personas and user journeys based on insights from interviews

  • Still a work in progress


Case study

Verber App

While a student at Pratt Institute, we were given a prompt and 4 hours to complete UI for a music app.

  • My Role: Visual Design, UI

  • Created use cases based on assumptions to provide framework for assignment.


Case study


#Dailyui is a design exercise to produce 100 designs in 100 days.

  • My Role: Visual Design